Notional result for Cheadle using 2016 council results.

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Now it is a shame that indy won Heald Green as we would have got a true reflection, looking back it seems the ward has a knack of voting in independents as they did the same in 2014.

With Lib Dems winning 4 and Conservatives winning 2 it would be a close call considering the Conservatives had a 12% lead GE 2015 it still shows a big swing to the Lib Dems.

and with nearly a 2,000 vote lead for the Lib Dems over the Conservatives it is very unlikely that Conservatives would win that ward by that vote margin so would still call a LIB DEM GAIN.
Bramhall North2,4004321,1773161894,514
Bramhall South & Woodford1,9722601,6572361272484,500

Cheadle & Gatley1,5368502,0373371444,904
Cheadle Hulme North5878241,7094091443,673
Cheadle Hulme South1,0603352,8303351364,696

Heald Green404572294347642,0023,683

Stepping Hill1,2217121,5923872064,118
TOTALS, 20169,1803,98511,2962,3671,010

% 201630.5%13.2%37.5%7.8%3.3%

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