Council by elections 2nd June

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Collated by Maxque

Oban North & Lorn - Argyll and Bute – Iain Macdonald (SNP, elected as Independent) resigned due to issues with balancing his business and councillor work. He was first elected in 2012.

Feb 2016 by: SNP 1113, Con 609, Ind 608, Grn 300 (final count: SNP 1241, Ind 1048)
Oct 2014 by: SNP 1090, Ind 629, Lab 530, Con 415 (final count: SNP 1199, Ind 1080)
Jul 2014 by: SNP 595, Ind 548/301, Lab 526, Con 445 (final count: Ind 920, Lab 874)
2012: Ind 807/421/361/222/125/58, SNP 707/410, Con 332, LD 188 (winners: Ind, SNP, Ind, Ind on 8th count; final count Ind 726, Ind 542.6, SNP 541.9 for 2 seats)
Nov 2011 by: SNP 1081, Con 505, Ind 438/165, LD 260 (final count: SNP 1374, Con 758)
2007: Ind 1005/779/200/188/176/140, LD 665, SNP 618/401, Con 387 (winners: Ind, Ind, LD, SNP on 8th count; final count: Ind 951, SNP 724, SNP 486 for 2 seats.)

Kieron Green (Independent)
David Pollard (Scottish Liberal Democrats)
Breege Smyth (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Andrew Vennard (Scottish Conservative and Unionist)

Denbigh Lower – Denbighshire – Richard Davies (Independent) died. He was first elected in 2012 and was a retired Physical Education teacher.

2012: Ind 977/579/505/204, PC 386, LD 138, Con 118
2008: Ind 993, PC 664, Con 471, Lab 261
2004: PC 678, Ind 664/587/477

John McGuire (Welsh Labour / Llafur Cymru)
Lara Pritchard (Welsh Conservative Party Candidate)
Rhys Thomas (Plaid Cymru – The Party of Wales)
Gwyn Williams (Welsh Liberal Democrats / Democratiaid Rhyddfrydol Cymru)
Mark Young (Annibynnol / Independent)

Dyserth – Denbighshire – Peter Owen (Conservative) died. He was a councillor since 2004, elected as Independent then (but he was a losing Conservative candidate in 1999). He was also a Conservative councillor on the former Rhuddlan Council from 1991 to the abolition (for Prestatyn Central), where he was Mayor (he was also defeated as Independent in 1987 in Prestatyn East).

2012: Con 369, Lab 275, LD 84
2008: Con 327, Ind 181, Lab 87, LD 58, PC 56
2004: Ind unopposed

Andy Hugues (Welsh Conservative Party Candidate)
Richard Jones-Abbas (Welsh Labour / Llafur Cymru)
Dave Parry (Independent)
Heather Prydderch (Welsh Liberal Democrats / Democratiaid Rhyddfrydol Cymru)
David Williams (Independent / Annibynnol)
Janice Williams (Plaid Cymru – The Party of Wales)

Sherborne Rural – Dorset CC – Michael Bevan (Conservative) resigned due for personal reasons. In February, he said that the Leader/Cabinet model should be abolished for both West Dorset District and Dorset County. and in 2014, he had resigned his role as Champion for Carers and Older People due to fearing that reforms led by the County Council would lead to neglect. He was a councillor since 2009.

2013: Con 1258, LD 1168, UKIP 746, Grn 129, Lab 85
2009: Con 2080, LD 1871, Lab 112
2005: LD 2993, Con 2809

Geoff Freeman (Labour and Co-operative Party)
Matthew Hall (Liberal Democrats)
Mary Penfold (The Conservative Party Candidate)

Lewes Bridge - Lewes DC – Daisy Cooper (Liberal Democrat) resigned for unknown reasons. She was first elected last year

2015: LD 905/641, Grn 677/410, Ind 540, Lab 529/447, Con 395/359, UKIP 240
2011: LD 735/620, Grn 576/424, Lab 324/318, Con 280/255
2007: LD 687/532, Ind 402, Seagulls 262, Grn 249/246, Con 203/201, Lab 113
2003: LD 585/583, Con 239/212, Grn 196/192, Lab 160/159

Seagulls Party was a party supporting the construction of Falmer Stadium, which was opposed by the Lewes District Council (but were overruled by Hazel Blears, SoS at the time).

Roy Burman (The Conservative Party Candidate)
Johnny Denis (Green Party)
Will Elliott (Liberal Democrats)
Richard Hurn (Labour Party Candidate)

Barking and Somersham – Mid Suffolk DC – David Card (Conservative) resigned for what is rumored to be unhappiness with the way the Council is run. He was first elected last year and had a career in the National Farmers' Union.

2015: Con 542, Suffolk Together 411, UKIP 194, LD 154
2011: Suffolk Together 493, Con 310, LD 121
2007: Suffolk Together 362, Con 286, LD 266
Oct 2004 by: LD 281, Con 183, UKIP 86
2003: LD unopposed

Suffolk Together was a party led by Lord Blakenham, son of John Hare, 1st Viscount Blakenham (which was Chairman of the Conservative Party and a Cabinet minister). Party was centered on the South of the district and were sitting in the same group as Greens on the district council.

Anne Killett (The Green Party candidate)
Jemma Lynch (The Conservative Party)
William Marsburn (Labour Party)
Mark Valladares (Liberal Democrat)

Aldershot Park – Rushmoor BC – Countermandered election following the death of the Conservative candidate, Ron Hugues, in the May election. He was Cabinet Member for Housing and a councillor for Manor Park until his deselection in 2016 and so decided to run here.

2015: Con 1153, Lab 1065, UKIP 840
2014: Lab 877, Con 693
2012: Lab 811/754/677, Con 451/406/401, LD 202

Jeffery Boxall (UK Independent Party (UKIP))
Matthew Collins (Green Party)
Lucy Perrin (The Conservative Party Candidate)
Mike Roberts (Labour and Co-Operative Party)