Notional result for Bolton West using 2016 council results.

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2016 (General Election 2015)

Labour 34.5% (39%)
Conservative 28.6% (40.6%)
LibDem 18.5% (4%)
UKIP 15.6% (15.3%)
Green 2.8% (0)

Now Bolton West is made up of 6 wards under the Bolton Council and 1 in Wigan, we also have a issue of a indy who has stood in the wigan council seat so will skew the results. for the purposes of this we have just added together the votes cast for the main parties and disregarded the indy.

Now who would the indy voters vote for in a General Election who knows. But considering the ward already had a large Labour presence with no LD candidate standing it is unlikely every vote would go to the Conservative candidate.


Heaton & Lostock2,6801,2852634021364,766
Horwich & Blackrod1,0541,5161256791923,566
Horwich North East8011,6127955431933,944


Westhoughton North & Chew Moor1,6001,3363606971134,106
Westhoughton South6961,1239966213,436
+ Atherton in Wigan TOTALS, 20167,4548,9944,8264,055732




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