Thank you for the past 4 years

I would like to thank all those who have viewed my 2 blogs and all those who have followed and re tweeted over the past 4 years on Twitter.

I never thought I would have got nearly 11,000 followers for a subject like election results and breaking down opinion polls. Having trended in differing parts of the UK and had sometimes as much as 4million impressions during a month on Twitter it was quite an experience.

The best time to call it a day should have really been after the 2015 General Election as I knew then I couldn't give this my 24/7 attention which it needs. Something which was a fun past time became a chore, and it wasn't being given the time it needed. It may well be something I come back to in a couple of years time refreshed, we will see I do have this and the 2025 blog set up.