Thank you for the past 4 years

I would like to thank all those who have viewed my 2 blogs and all those who have followed and re tweeted over the past 4 years on Twitter.

I never thought I would have got nearly 11,000 followers for a subject like election results and breaking down opinion polls. Having trended in differing parts of the UK and had sometimes as much as 4million impressions during a month on Twitter it was quite an experience.

The best time to call it a day should have really been after the 2015 General Election as I knew then I couldn't give this my 24/7 attention which it needs. Something which was a fun past time became a chore, and it wasn't being given the time it needed. It may well be something I come back to in a couple of years time refreshed, we will see I do have this and the 2025 blog set up.

But there is a new adventure, something which doesn't constrain your time, can be picked up and put down again at leisure. It also gives me a new subject to think about and it is much more to how I am, I always just follow a direction in the style of the leaf on a wind current and see where it takes me, just falling to the floor to stop and see what I have come across.

The #OneMillionConnections Project gives me that.

So if you wish to follow my drift around the web then look in on also feel free to follow and share my new twitter account @1MillConnect

Thanks once again because those who have followed have helped make this experience what it has been. Be great to see all of you again on my next adventure.

Also  <<< Follow the link if you would like to join the YOUGOV panel and have your opinions heard