Thoughts about why we should abolish the Honours system in the UK

This society purports to be actively opposed to colonialism and the actuality and the legacy of the former British Empire, yet it perpetuates the shadow of that edifice through issuing hundreds of 'honours' to people predicated on an institution it also reviles and seeks to apologize for.

If one is successful in business the reward is a very tangible huge income and the deference of a workforce and the accolades of a peer group. What need is there for a nation to praise you for doing well and getting rich. No one did it to benefit humanity or to advance the nation, they did it for ambition/fun/the challenge/kudos/cash. The role and the income are their own rewards.

If one is a successful sports or entertainment star then the fame, cash and accolades are ever present. Massive appearance money, promotion contracts, stellar salaries, cups, trophies, awards, and legions of prizes and self-massaging events happening all the time. Why do we need to 'honour' these overpaid, over-hyped, over-indulged people who by definition never do anything of real importance.

Then there is politics and the press! I don't need to say anything on this do I?

What of the humble and ordinary? Well they are humble and ordinary. Why should that be rewarded? What are we rewarding? Joe was a fine doorman for 43-years at the FO. Good. Well done Joe. Thanks. Nice safe job wasn't it? Constant pay and good public service pension. You were diligent, polite and attentive. They very features of the job description. No award.

The special cases for the National Treasure antiques expert, figure skater, cricket umpire or chief of a charity? No, they have the kudos of being a national treasure and they know the public like them already. They were just doing a job for which they were rewarded in various ways. And for all those toilers in the public service or the voluntary sector...........Surely that is the purpose of 'serving' serve, not for a reward. If you award a gong or series of gongs it was a less selfless act looked at in retrospect.

I am all for binning the whole system forever and replacing it with nothing. If any of you think some service needs a reward then people are doing it for the wrong reason.


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