Ask your MP to vote for Caroline Lucas's Bill to introduce PR

Just after the General Election of 2015 we did a theoretical exercise of PR using the D'Hondt system. This link >>> UK General Election Result 2015 done with D'Hondt Has the result.

On Wednesday 20th July, Caroline Lucas - Green Party MP for Brighton Pavilion - will put before Parliament a Ten Minute Rule Bill to introduce Proportional Representation for UK General Elections.
Caroline Lucas will put a Bill before Parliament to introduce PR on 20th August
Caroline Lucas will put a Bill before Parliament to introduce PR on 20th August
There is now unprecedented public support for the principle of a proportional electoral system in which seats match votes. Five of the seven largest parties are committed to PR, and senior MPs from every part of the Labour Party are coming out in support. This Bill, like Jonathan Reynold MP's Bill last December, is unlikely to bring PR into law. But the tide is turning on our broken democratic system, and strong support amongst MPs on Wednesday will continue to build pressure on Parliament to reform itself, and passing the motion will allow our broken electoral system to be laid bare in a full Parliamentary debate!
That's why we all need to ask our MPs to support Caroline's Bill. All you need to do is click the button below, enter your postcode, and select your local MP. WriteToThem will ask you to enter your message and some details to confirm your constituency address.
The Bill also proposes a reduction in the voting age to 16. Make Votes Matter is a single issue campaign for PR and takes no position on votes at 16. If this is not an idea you support, you can still ask your MP to vote for Caroline's motion while making clear your opposition to altering the voting age. This way, a debate can be had in the Commons about both PR and the voting age. 
Feel free to copy and paste the text below, although we strongly encourage you to personalise! Don't forget to send us a copy of their response so we can keep updating our interactive map of MPs' support for Proportional Representation.

Suggested text for your letter:

Dear ______,
I am writing to ask you to support the Ten Minute Rule Bill being put forward in Parliament by Caroline Lucas MP on Wednesday 20th July, immediately following Prime Minister's Questions. The Bill, entitled "Electoral Reform (Proportional Representation and Reduction of Voting Age) Bill, proposes to introduce a proportional electoral system in which seats match votes.
The current Parliament is less representative of the British people than any Parliament since women won the vote. One party needed just 23,000 votes to win a single MP, while another party needed almost four million - making votes cast by different people highly unequal in value. As a result, millions of people are effectively unrepresented in Parliament. These voices are not only excluded from Government; they are excluded from holding government to account.
It does not have to be like this. 83% of OECD developed countries use a system of Proportional Representation - including Scotland and Wales, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and New Zealand. Among these are tried and tested systems - that provide broad proportionality while maintaining the constituency link. With such a system, the UK would keep the benefits of local accountability, while delivering Parliaments that broadly represent the people they seek to govern.
[The Bill also proposes to reduce the voting age to 16. My view on this is ________]
I hope you will be commit to voting for Caroline's motion on Wednesday. As a Ten Minute Rule Bill, it is unlikely to ultimately become law. But passing the motion would allow for a full debate of our electoral system to take place in the Commons - something that is needed now more than ever. It is surely worth remaining for a few minutes after PMQs to lend your support to this cause.
Yours faithfully,