A personal thought on the bullying of MPs

story from BBC website about Labour MP feeling bullied by an office manager.

Now lets get this straight I have no time for bullying, I have myself been bullied in various situations. At school it was especially bad, On the internet, At work.

It normally occurs because you are different from their perceived norm, you are an easy target, or you respond to them thus add fuel to the fire, in the case of work I was the person in the way preventing someone doing what they wanted to do at work.

It seems a fact of life, but as someone who has been bullied I know what part I played in it, and what I can do to help me and to go a long way to stop it happening to myself.

Being older and wiser now, the first thing to do is to not react to it.

Now the situation with MPs and bullying I find strange. As we seem to have set up an actual job title for a bully we call them a whip and they are led by the chief whip. Whose job is to enforce party line ensuring all MPs do as they are told. They have exchanged the term bullying, for the term the black arts. But all in all it is a case of one person getting another person to do what they want and not naturally what the person wanted to do.

Now people rebel, and as such can lose their career path by it. Or you can rebel over 500 times and become leader. Life is strange these days.

I am not making light of what may or may not be happening in the Labour party or all parties and between MPs and their constituents. But these are people who are used to and aware that bullying and cohersion exists and It is given its own domain within parliament it seems.

The linked story above seems like fluff to me. I can't leave a researcher in a room alone, have to have 2 in at all times. WTF? So what do they expect to happen? Is there going to be physical abuse? Sometimes I feel that folks use the term I feel bullied as a defence mechanism, that really pees me off. Having been bullied, have been fearful of going to school and someone picking a fight, wanting the weekend to come around, dredding Monday morning. You know if you have been bullied.

So when someone uses this as a defence mechanism I almost wish that if it is not true that they would be smited down by God. Yes we see the internet, and some of the vile stuff put online. An avatar can make brave people out of cowards.

But like racism, it is not all one way. I have noticed the left tare strips out of the right without anyone saying this should be investigated. I noticed folks wanting to dance on maggies grave, and others putting up massages about Blair and his every growing rear end in prison. Didn't notice one MP saying it was distasteful (sorry if I missed it if they have)

The Labour MPs using this as a tactic to help put down a bloke they want rid of is disgusting. That is NO defence of Corbyn as I think the same no matter what the situation. All bullying should be stopped, but it does seem like human nature, so it is not just the bullying which should be tackled but the situations we allow it to thrive in. Will this happen I doubt it.

But someone who has climbed a very slippery pole and more than likely had to perform a few dirty tricks to get their cries I am being bullied, sorry but bullying I can talk to you about being bullied.