Council by elections July 26-27-28

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Collated by Maxque

July 26th

The Hangers & Forest - East Hampshire DC - Judy Onslow (Conservative) died. She was a councillor since 1999, representing Hangers wards before 2003. She was Chairman of the Council in 2010-2011 and was a Cabinet member at a point. His late husband also was a councillor, before his death in 2005.

2015: Con 983, Ind 257, Lab 184
2011: Con 726, Justice and Anti-Corruption Party 275
2007: Con 671, Ind 175
2003: Con unopposed

The Justice and Anti-Corruption Party (and their candidate, which ran as Independent before the party) stand against various alleged corrupt practices by East Hams and Southampton City Council, here, it was about the alleged business practices of the late husband of Cllr Onslow.

Keith Budden (The Conservative Party Candidate)
Don Jerrard (The Justice & Anti-Corruption Party)
Roger Mullenger (Liberal Democrat)
Neil Owsnett (Labour Party Candidate)

July 27th

Totnes - South Hams DC - David Horsburgh (Labour) resigned because he can’t “juggle” work, family (part of it lives in London) and council. He was a councillor since 2015 and was a town councillor for 24 years.

Nov 15 by: Grn 570, LD 558, Lab 432, Con 268, Ind 63
2015: Grn 2215/1839, Lab 1265/1137/1111, LD 1150, Con 928/815/754, UKIP 693, TUSC 349

Andrew Barrand (The Conservative Party Candidate)
John Birch (Liberal Democrat) 
Alex Mockridge (Independent)
Alan White (Green Party)

July 28th

Droitwich West - Wychavon DC - Catherine Powell (Conservative) resigned. She was a councillor since 2015.

2015: Con 983/897, Lab 829/604, Grn 381
2011: Con 679/587, Lab 622/571
2007: Con 585/553, Lab 538/492
2003: Lab 473/442, Con 314/306

George Duffy (The Conservative Party Candidate)
Alan Humphries (Labour Party Candidate)
Adrian Key (Liberal Democrat Focus Team)
Andy Morgan (UK Independence Party (UKIP))

+ 4 other by-elections on Thursday that will get added as soon I write them.