Knowsley and the lack of opposition.

Now Knowsley won't be alone with potentially having every Councillor being elected from one party, but they will it seems get there by having hardly any opposition in many wards.

It seems that most of the other parties have left Knowsley to Labour, Now you can't fault Labour, But really! Why is there no other opposition? Why have they have given up on Knowsley?


Below is a statement from the Knowsley Council Election pages which I felt funny, because if you are not a Labour supporter you don't have much choice, and thus does it reflect the local community?


With effect from May’s elections, the number of electoral wards in Knowsley has been cut from 21 to 15, with the number of councillors reducing from 63 to 45.

The council supports the new arrangements because they will save money, better reflect local communities and ensure that each councillor represents approximately the same number of voters.

All 45 council seats are up for election in May, which means you will be voting for three councillors to represent your local ward.



Nominations for the new 45 seat council Knowsley Labour 45 Con 10
LD 9 UKIP 7 TUSC/Ind-NoDesc 5 Green 4 Kirby First 3

1 Lab in Cherryfield
2 Lab in Northwood
2 Lab in Page Moss
2 Lab in Shevington
1 Lab in St Michaels
2 Lab in Stockbridge
1 Lab in Swanside
1 Lab in Whitfield

Knowsley guaranteed returns


So before the elections are held

Labour are guaranteed 12 elected councillors

If every other candidate got elected they still only total 43, which is not possible as some candidates stand against each other. Such as the Roby Ward which has 9 candidates for 3 seats. But 4 of the wards only have 4 candidates vying for 3 seats.


Why does other parties not wish to stand in Knowsley?

6 of the highest percentage shares of the votes for Labour came from the Merseyside area.

ConstituencyLab votesTotal votesLab %
1Liverpool Walton31,22238,40381.30
3East Ham40,56352,29077.57
4Liverpool West Derby30,84241,03175.17
6Birmingham Ladywood26,44435,91673.63
7Liverpool Wavertree28,40140,97469.31
8Garston & Halewood33,83948,98369.08

LabourGeorge Howarth39,62878.1+7.2
UKIPLouise Bours4,9739.8+7.2
ConservativeAlice Bramall3,3676.6-2.3
Liberal DemocratCarl Cashman1,4902.9-10.4
GreenVikki Gregorich1,2702.5N/A
Labour holdSwing0.0

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