How do you believe the UK political parties are split on Europe?

With Elections being held across the UK next week it is a perfect time to use information of real voting patterns rather than opinion polls which weight results.

So for the next week I am going to ask my followers on Twitter and you here as to how you see the split is in each political party. This will form the basis of our next table for Leave / Remain forecast.

Swing needed for rUK to swing change EUref vote against England vote share

Above is a link showing just how England can take the rest of the UK with them more or less depending on the result they choose.

click the links below for the information.

euref potential Leave/Remain voters using the UKGE2015 voting figures

European election results could be converted into Leave/Remain votes

And above is links to previous forecasts I have done using my own judgement on splits. There were many replies saying there were differing splits to the one I used. So I have now put it out to you to say how you feel the parties are split.


Feel free to vote and share these tweets.