Breakdown of the Comres polling

It is interesting to see how opinion poll companies weight from the respondents they get to find what is then meant to be the true reflection.

But having just looked through the Comres data tables, which you will find a link for at the bottom, It looks slightly strange, the weighting for the Conservatives makes a jump of 7% from 28% to 35% and Labour doesn't move.

When asking questions of who they would vote for including DKs and how do they see themselves to be, including DKs Labour had a 2% lead over the Conservatives, even in the table where it asked those who DK that if it was a legal requirement for people to vote? Labour edge it over the Conservatives although 50% still said DK.

So where did the Conservative surge come from?

As England has the most voters Labour were holding their own there as well with a 3% lead but when weighted that also turned around to a lead for the Conservatives.

Is it Shy Tory syndrome at work?

Seems strange feel free to comment.



link to data tables from comres