What are people really talking about politically in the UK on Facebook?

Below I have done a list of some UK political parties ranking them by the number of people talking about the page. Explaination below about the difference between Liking and talking abour.

What really are the "Likes" and "Talking About This" numbers on Facebook?

LIKES: Simply means at some point, someone clicked the "like" button ONCE. Either directly on a Facebook page or on a website that was promoting that Facebook page.

TALKING ABOUT THIS: This is the actual number of people who are 'engaged' and interacting with that Facebook Page. The people who actually come back to the page *after* liking the page. This include activities such as comments, likes to a post, shares, etc by visitors to the page.

FACEBOOK LIKES (Number of people talking about this)

Link to Facebook page of party by clicking the name of the party

SNP 271,270 (20,385)
THE REALITY PARTY 29,987 (10,479)
UKIP 587,046 (6,384)
LABOUR 534,895 (5,189)
LIB DEMS 145,579 (2,379)
THE GREEN PARTY 273,882 (1,779)
NHA PARTY 26,964 (870)
CONSERVATIVES 565,834 (686)
PLAID CYMRU 25,280 (411)
MEBYON KERNOW 2,634 (21)
LOONY PARTY 3,531 (14)
PIRATE PARTY UK 10,234 (5)