Statistical information about MPs birthdays

collated by mick745

The most common day of the week that current Members of Parliament were born on is a Thursday (100), followed by a Friday (97). The least common is a Tuesday (83).

The most common birth months are both August and September (66 times). The fewest(not surprising) is February with 38.

The most common year of birth for current MPs is 1957 (27 members).

The most common birthday is 26 March shared by the following 8 MPs:

David Amess (1952)
Barbara Keeley (1952)
Fiona Bruce (1957)
Maria Miller (1964)
Kerry McCarthy (1965)
Pat McFadden (1965)
Lilian Greenwood (1966)
Martyn Day (1971)

Only 1 Member of Parliament was born on the day of a General Election - Lucy Powell. 5 were born after Margaret Thatcher won her third election in June 1987.

the 10 current MPs who were the oldest at the time of their first election were (oldest first):
1. Marie Rimmer
2. Roger Mullin
3. Glyn Davies
4. Marion Fellows
5. George Kerevan
6. Mickey Brady
7. John McNally
8. Byron Davies
9. Gordon Henderson
10. Pauline Latham

The 10 youngest at time of first election were (youngest first):
1. Mhairi Black
2. Stuart Donaldson
3. Christopher Leslie
4. James Wharton
5. Bridget Phillipson
6. Tom Pursglove
7. Chloe Smith
8. William Wragg
9. Louise Haigh
10. David Lammy