A review of the council by elections for October

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Collated By MiddleEnglander

It looks like 34 by-elections during October 2016:
* 9 on 6th October
* 10 on 13th
* 12 on 20th
* 3 on 27th

15 of the by-elections are in District Councils
- 11 with a 4 year electoral cycle last contested in 2015
- 4 with an annual cycle although only 2 had elections last May
6 are for Unitary Authorities
- 5 with a four yearly cycle last contested in 2015, 1 an annual cycle with elections in May
1 is for a Metropolitan Borough where there were elections in May
3 are in London Boroughs last contested in 2014
2 are for County Councils last contested in 2013 although one had a 2014 by-election
5 are in Wales together with 
2 in Scotland where the previous elections were in 2012

Conservatives are defending 13 seats, 4 following the death of the previous councillor and 9 a resignation
Labour defend 15 seats, 6 after a death and 9 a resignation
Liberal Democrats defend 3 seats, all after a resignation whilst
Independents, Lincolnshire Independents and UKIP each defend 1 seat after a resignation.

With nominations available for 31 of the 34 contests:
Conservatives are contesting 29 seats, Labour 28, Liberal Democrats 26, UKIP 18, Greens 17, Plaid Cymru 3, SNP 2 whilst there are 13 Independents contesting 8 seats
there are 6 resident candidates (East Devon Independent Alliance, Beverley Party, Limpsfield Resident, Lincolnshire Independent, Morecambe Bay Independent and Putting Hartlepool First )
together with one each for English Democrat, Patients before Profit, People before Profit and Women's Equality
- a total of 146 candidates for 31 seats so far.

Link to >>> A list of upcoming council by elections and vacant seats is a list of all elections for November and vacant seats