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This exercise is quite a leap of faith due to the not to reliable nature of opinion polls. and the not altogether up to date data records we have about our nations population. Then to add to the mix you have to try to predict how many will turn out. But it still makes for an interesting bit of information mining to see what gems we have turned up.

So we have used the age range from the latest yougov polling

Using this poll information link2data

The population figures are taken from this SOURCE

Age range >18-2425-3940-5960+Totals
Leave15% - 884,35936% - 4,545,42642% - 7,130,43357% - 8,085,47520,645.693
Remain61% - 3,596,39443% - 5,429,25937% - 6,281,57227% - 3,829,96219,137,187
Won't vote / Don't Know24% - 1,414,97521% - 2,651,49821% - 3,565,21716% - 2,269,6089,901,297
Eligible Voters5,895,72812,626,18316,977,22214,185,045

In respects of the 18-24 section the date was 15-19 and 20 to 24 so to get the figure I divided the 15-19 by 5 and times 2 then added to the 20-24 data.