A list of upcoming council by elections and vacant seats

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Collated By MiddleEnglander

There are 13 by-elections during the rest of February, 9 called so far in March and 1 already in April.  There are a further 25 known vacancies, 23 in England and 2 and Wales, where there is as yet no date although it is probable that some of these will be left vacant until May whilst 2 will cease to be vacancies when the timetable for the May elections becomes operative.

18th February - 9
Argyll & Bute UA, Oban North & Lorn - Independent sitting as Argyll First resigned - 4 candidates: Con, SNP, Green, Ind
Broxtowe BC, Greasley - Conservative died - 4 candidates: Con, Lab, LD, UKIP
Broxtowe BC, Toton & Chilwell Meadows - Conservative resigned - 4 candidates: Con, Lab, LD, Green
Cambridgeshire CC, Sutton - Conservative died - 4 candidates: Con, LD, UKIP, Ind
Chiltern DC, Amersham Town - Liberal Democrat died - 4 candidates: Con, Lab, LD, UKIUP
Flintshire UA, New Brighton - Liberal Democrat resigned - 4 candidates: Con, Lab, LD, Ind
Lichfield DC, Chadsmead - Liberal Democrat resigned - 5 candidates: Con, Lab, LD, UKIP, Green
Manchester MB, Higher Blackley - Labour resigned - 6 candidates: Con, Lab, LD, UKIP, Green, Pirate
Suffolk CC, Newmarket & Red Lodge - Conservative resigned - 5 candidates: Con, Lab, LD, UKIP, West Suffolk Ind

25th February - 4
Dudley MB, Kingswinford North & Wall Heath - Conservative resigned - 4 candidates: Con, Lab, UKIP, Grteen
Dudley MB, St James - Labour died - 3 candidates: Con, Lab, UKIP
Richmondshire DC, Catterick - Conservative died - 2 candidates: Con, Ind
Stratford-on-Avon, Studley with Sambourne  - Conservative resigned - 5 candidates: Con, Lab, LD, UKIP, Ind (resigning councillor)

3rd March - 4
Blackpool UA, Bloomfield - Labour resigned - 5 candidates: Con, Lab, LD, UKIP, Green
East Dorset DC - Conservative resigned - 3 candidates: Con. Lab, LD
Havant BC, Bondfields - Conservative died - 4 candidates: Con, Lab, LD, UKIP
Rutland UA, Whissendine - Liberal Democrat resigned - 3 candidates: Con, LD, UKIP

10th March - 2
Cumbria CC, Kendal Strickland & Fell - Liberal Democrat died
Windsor & Maidenhead BC, Maidenhead Riverside - Conservative resigned - 5 candidates: Con, Lab, LD, UKIP, Ind

17th March - 2Broadland DC, Aylsham - Conservative resigned
North Kesteven DC, Ashby Dr La Launde & Cranwell - Conservative died

31st March -1Dundee UA, Maryfield - SNP resigned

7th April - 1
Perth & Kinross UA, Almond & Earn - Independent died

Known vacancies in England - 23Barrow-in-Furness BC, Dalton South - Conservative died 7th January
Cambridgeshire CC, St Neots Eaton Socon & Eynesbury - Independent died 17th January
Cornwall UA, Menhendiot - Conservative died 8th February
Cornwall UA, Wadebridge West - Conservative due to resign on 16th February
*** Craven DC, Embsay-with-Eastby - Conservative died around 30th November
East Hants DC, Clanfield & Finchdean - Conservative resigned middle of January
East Sussex CC, St Helens & Silverhill - Labour died February 11th
Essex CC, Clacton East - Tendring First due to be disqualified 22nd February unless appeals
Forest Heath DC, Brandon West - Conservative resigned in early February but subsequently died 10th February
** Hastings BC, Old Hastings - Labour died February 11th
** Huntingdonshire DC, St Neots Eynesbury - Independent died 17th January
** Knowsley MB, St Bartholomews - Labour died 14th September
** Knowsley MB, Shevington - Labour died 24th September
Melton BC, Egerton - Conservative resigns 13th January
Richmondshire DC. Richmond Central - Liberal Democrat died 20th January
Rutland UA, Greetham - Conservative died 1st February
St Edmundsbury BC, Haverhill North - Conservative died 4th January
Staffordshire CC, Uttoxeter Town - Conservative died 9th February
Suffolk CC, Haverhill Cangle - Conservative died 4th January
Taunton Deane DC, Halcon - Liberal Democrat resigned around 6th January
Three Rivers DC, South Oxhey - Labour died 30th January
* Welwyn & Hatfield BC, Northaw & Cuffley - Conservative died 14th September
* Wolverhampton MB, Bilston East - Labour died around 6th October

* seat to be contested again in May
** ward to be contested in May, potential "double" election
*** Council elections in May but not this ward

Known vacancies in Scotland - 0

Known vacancies in Wales - 2
Caerphilly UA, Moriah - Labour died middle of October
Caerphilly UA, Ynysddu - Labour resigned around 5th January

Vacancies under "6 month" rule - 7
Bolton MB, Hulton - Conservative died 19th January
Bristol UA, St George West - Labour died 30th December
Exeter BC, Pennsylvania - Conservative resigned 25th November
Newcastle-under-Lyme BC, Town - Labour resigned around 14th December
North East Lincolnshire UA, East Marsh - UKIP resigned 30th November
Portsmouth UA, Nelson - Labour sitting as Independent resigned around 10th February
Stockport MB, Cheadle Hulme South - Liberal Democrat died 17th January