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Last Updated 14/10/2015. 

Paul Staines, editor of the Guido Fawkes’ Blog is one of the most successful, controversial and feared bloggers of our time. Politicians dread him and he ‘hates’ them. In his own words: ‘I certainly didn’t go into Westminster to make friends.’  He stays our #1.
Guido Fawkes
Vuelio Blog Rankings Wings over Scotland
A Scottish political blog which focuses/targets/stir things up for the country’s media houses. Ross McCafferty (Daily Record) describes it as ‘The Mumsnet of the independence movement.’ Point taken.
Edited by Lawerence Durnan, Political Scrapbook is the Guido Fawkes’ of left-wing politics.  It has drama, mischief, controversy and is known for breaking ‘tabloid, muckraking style stories.’ They said it.
Vuelio Blog Rankings Political Scrapbook
Vuelio Blog Rankings Labour List
The blog launched in 2009 and describes itself as ‘an independent progressive blog providing a platform for open debate about centre-left issues and the future of the Labour movement.’
Left Foot Forward is a British left-wing blog that was set up in 2009 by Will Straw, known as one of the best political pundits on the web. The site has earned a reputation of providing insightful and intelligent political content. It is now edited by James Bloodworth
Vuelio Blog Rankings Left Foot Forward
Vuelio Blog Rankings Political Betting
An online resource for political betting, editor Mike Smithson founded the site back in 2004. maintains an independent stance, providing information on political betting opportunities by focusing on how politics of the day are affecting the betting markets.
‘Independent of the conservative party but supportive of it’- Conservative Home is one of the UKs leading Tory blogs. The site was established in 2005 and is currently edited by Paul Goodman.
Vuelio Blog Rankings Conservative Home
Vuelio Blog Rankings Slugger O'Toole
Taking a critical look at politics in Britain and Ireland, Slugger O’Toole is another non-partisan blog, promoting conversation and debate on current political issues. Set up in 2002 by Mike Fealty, the blog is always a regular in our Top 10.
There certainly has been a lot to discuss within Labour’s ranks lately and Labour Uncut isn’t afraid to address the issues.  Blogging since 2010 and now currently edited by Atul Hatwal, Labour Uncut is a new entry at no.9.
Vuelio Blog Rankings Labour Uncut
Vuelio Blog Rankings Liberal Democrat Voice
Described as ‘An Independent website by and for Lib-Dem supporters’. The blog has a large community of bloggers and writers, and holds the policy that ‘any individual inside or outside the party can express their view’. Liberal Democrat Voice holds steady at no.10.

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