Politics By  Graham Sharpe

Seventy per cent of the bets so far placed with William Hill have been for a surprise UKIP victory in the Oldham West/Royton by-election - but 59% of the stake money wagered has been for a win for favourites, Labour.
When betting began on the outcome, Labour were installed as 1/12 favourites, with UKIP at 6/1. By this weekend, Labour had lengthened to 4/11, with UKIP shortening to 2/1, but in the last forty eight hours Labour have again shortened and are currently 2/9 (stake £9 for £2 profit) favourites, with UKIP quoted at 3/1; Conservatives 100/1 and both Greens and Lib Dems 200/1.
'It is the case that we have taken significantly more individual bets for a UKIP win than for any other Party, but also that the majority of the actual stake money gambled has been for a Labour win' said William Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.
There has, though, also been a gamble that Labour will fail to poll 50% or more of the vote. They are 2/9 with Hills to receive UNDER 50%, and 3/1 50% or more.
Oldham West/Royton By Election... 2/9 Labour; 3/1 UKIP; 100/1 Conservatives; 200/1 Greens; 200/1 Lib Dems
Bets Placed On By Election...73% UKIP; 24% Labour; 3% others
Stake Money Placed On By Election... 60% Labour; 39% UKIP; 1% others
LAB To Poll Under 50% Of Votes...2/9... 50% OR MORE- 3/1
When Will Corbyn Cease To Be LAB Leader?... 2015- 5/1; 2016- 5/4; 2017- 5/1; 2018- 10/1; 2019- 12/1; 2020 - 7/1; 2021/LATER-6/1