A list of upcoming council by elections and vacant seats

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23rd December - 1
Aylesbury Vale DC, Grendon Underwood & Brill - Conservative died - 3 candidates: Con, LD, UKIP

There are now 5 by-elections called for January and 2 in February with a further 16 known vacancies, all in England, where there is as yet no date.

7th January - 1
Carlisle BC, Botcherby - Labour died - 3 candidates: Con, Lab, Ind

14th January - 1
Cornwall UA, Launceston Central - Liberal Democrat sitting as Independent resigned - 4 candidates: Con, LD, Green, Christian Peoples

21st January - 3
Hertfordshire CC, Bushey North - Conservative died
South Lanarkshire UA, Hamilton North & East - SNP died
Southwark LB, Faraday - Labour resigned

11th February - 2
Chiltern DC, Amersham Town - Liberal Democrat resigned
Shropshire UA, Oswestry South (probably) - Conservative resigned

Known vacancies in England - 16
Bolton MB, Crompton - Labour died 9th October
Broxtowe BC, Greasley - Conservative died around 23rd November
Coventry MB, Lower Stoke - Labour died 14th October
Craven DC, Embsay-with-Eastby - Conservative died around 30th November
Dudley MB, St James - Labour died 11th November
East Cambridgeshire DC, Bottisham - Conservative resigned around 7th December
Eastleigh BC, West End North - Liberal Democrat died around 9th November
Hounslow LB, Canford - Labour died 15th November
North West Leicestershire DC, Measham South - Labour resigned around 4th December
Northumberland UA, Hexham West - Conservative resigned around 10th December 
Rutland UA, Whissendine - Liberal Democrat resigned 6th November
St Helens MB, Thatto Heath - Labour died 16th September
Suffolk CC, Newmarket & Red Lodge - Conservative resigned 19th November
Thanet DC, Newington - UKIP resigned around 25th November
Welwyn & Hatfield BC, Northaw & Cuffley - Conservative died 14th September
Wolverhampton MB, Bilston East - Labour died around 6th October

Known vacancies in Scotland - 0

Known vacancies in Wales - 0

Vacancies under "6 month" rule - 2
Exeter BC, Pennsylvania - Conservative resigned 25th November
North East Lincolnshire, East Marsh - UKIP resigned 30th November

of the now 18 vacancies where there is as yet no date for the by-election, 7 (39%) arose from the death of the previous councillor from mid September to mid October.

  Date of death  
  Term ends  
Knowsley MB St Bartholomews  
  14th September  
Welwyn & Hatfield BC Northaw & Cuffley 
14th September
St Helens MBThatto Heath
16th September
Knowsley MBShevington
24th September
Wolverhampton MBBilston East
circa 6th October
Bolton MBCrompton
9th October
Coventry MBLower Stoke
14th October

Six of the vacancies are Labour seats in Metropolitan Boroughs, the seventh being in Welwyn & Hatfield a Conservative seat in a District Council.
- all the wards are considered safe with majorities ranging from 20% (Wolverhampton) upwards

The earliest these elections can be held is now late January or early February.  Any Councillor elected in St Helens and Wolverhampton would only serve for some 3 months before the May 2016 elections.
However all the vacancies will have local council elections in May so there is a possibility there will be no by-elections in any of the seats with then "double" contests in the other 5.