Our 3rd Anniversary Poll (feel free to vote & share)

I am giving this a good long month so as many folks who pass thru the blog can have a vote and share as they like with folks they know. The more votes the better the aim is for over 3,000. I am sure you can do us proud.

This is all in anticipation of blogging for 3 years now. 2 and a bit years for 2015 elections and now 7 months on the way to 2020.

On the lead up to the anniversary I normally set up a straw poll using a system called easy polls. But this time we are using pollcaster due to its interesting split by councils, which will bring its own fascination for those who like to draw stats from information. it also splits by gender and age.

Please feel free to vote and share the final result will be declared the end of January in time for our competition to celebrate the 3rd full year of blogging about UK elections, opinion polls, results, interesting stats & facts.

The roll call of parties is determined by the amount of votes cast for each party in the 2015 UK General Election.