US Presidential Election 2016 On the day polling / projected outcomes.

Now in the UK any polling information or even discussion about the election is quelled on polling day. The most you ever get is a montage of party leaders going to cast their votes. Now the website below will be giving a blow by blow report on polling day.

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From the website

35 years ago, legacy media organizations collectively agreed to withhold election day data from their audiences. They decided it was too dangerous for the public to handle. Politicians agreed with this, believing real time data and projections would keep voters away from the polls and skew the outcome.
These folks get to watch the game play-by-play, then only report the final score once it’s all over. You don’t.
VoteCastr believes that providing information and analysis coming out of key battleground states to the American public throughout Election Day will connect the electorate to voting in a new and very powerful way.
On Election Day, VoteCastr’s data collection teams will fan out across the battleground states streaming data through our mobile app. That constant stream will be checked against our proprietary precinct, county, and statewide database models to generate minute-by-minute projected outcomes.
This data stream will form the backbone of a live day-long broadcast out of Brooklyn, New York starting when the first poll opens in Florida and ending when the last poll closes in Nevada.
For the first time in the modern political era, Americans will see what the network executives and campaign insiders have seen all along: the game as it unfolds.