Cancelling your tesco credit card.

From time to time I do none politics blog posts, as you will see in the news today, Tesco bank has been attacked by fraudsters and have done very little to help their customers it seems, other than send texts late on a Saturday night and close down their access to their accounts. I just happened to look at how you go about closing down a Tesco credit card, or any card for that matter. To find out, it is quite easy to get a card but near impossible to leave them.
Here is something I have found on the net about Tesco credit cards.


I’ve scoured the various account options on the Tesco website and can find no mention of the cancellation policy.
Even the ‘Manage your account’ section offers no indication as to how customers can leave.
Searching for ‘cancel’, ‘cancel my credit card’ or ‘cancellation policy’ within credit cards is equally useless. 
These are the top five results if you search ‘cancellation policy’ in the FAQ section for credit cards:
Eventually I was forced to give up on trying to find any answers online and just called the customer service department instead.