Council by elections for the 17th November 2016

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Collated by Maxque

Abbey - Bath & North East Somerset UA - Jonathan Carr (Green) resigned to move in the Home Counties, because he could not afford housing in Bath area, due to the "very high costs of living" in Bath. He was a councillor since 2015.

2015: Con 1158/985, Grn 1071, LD 798/741, Lab 639, Ind 148 
2011: LD 773/662, Con 716/646, Grn 436, Lab 323
2007: Con 728/661, LD 633/621, Grn 345, Ind 225
2003: Con 680/613, LD 587/561, Ind 166/82

Gerry Curran (Liberal Democrats)
Vicky Drew (Labour Party)
Lizzie Gladwyn (The Conservative Party Candidate) 
Marc Hooper (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Jenny Knignt (Independent)
Vipul Patel (Green Party)

Annandale North - Dumfries & Galloway - Graeme Tait (elected as Conservative, defected to the Independent Conservative and Unionist group in September 2013 due to "a loss of confidence" in the group leader with 6 other councillors, he joined Labour in March 2014, because he was impressed by Labour's role in the Labour-SNP administration) resigned to "concentrate on his career", a few weeks before being disqualified for non-attendance. He was a councillor since the 2012 by-election.

Nov 2012 by: Con 1819, Lab 1002, Grn 464, SNP 371, LD 208, UKIP 89 (final count: Con 1980, Lab 1149, Grn 617)
2012: Con 652/564/531, Lab 845, SNP 724, Grn 615, LD 383 (elected: Lab, Con, Con, SNP on 4th count; Con 885, Con 875, SNP 796, Grn 755 for 3 seats).
2007: Con 1011/751/277, Ind 547/446, Lab 818, LD 749, SNP 710, Grn 159 (elected: Con, LD, Lab, Con on 6th count; final count: LD 1043, Lab 1002, Con 959, Ind 934 for 3 seats)

Chris Ballance (Scottish Green Party)
Douglas Fairbairn (Scottish Conservative and Unionist)
Syvia Moffat (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Adam Wilson (Scottish Labour Party)

Misterton - Harborough DC - John Everett (Conservative) resigned due to moving to Brentwood, Essex, to be closer to his family. He was a councillor since 2006, the Chair of the Ethical Governance Committee and the Champion for Armed Forces. He was also the Chairman of the Council in 2012-2013. During for working life, he was a school assistant master, a business owner and an author.

2015: Con 1192, Lab 395
2011: Con 825, Lab 242
2007: Con unopposed
Mar 2006 by: Con 425, LD 266, Lab 47
2003: Con 556, Lab 190

Jonathan Bateman (The Conservative Party Candidate) 
Liz Marsh (Labour Party)
Bill Piper (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Martin Sarfas (Liberal Democrats)

Haldens - Welwyn Hatfield BC - Malcolm Spinks (Conservative) resigned for health reasons. He was a councillor since May.
2016-2018 term

2016: Lab 782/655/571, Con 734/666/622, Grn 312, LD 246/168/117

Lynne Allison (The Green Party candidate)
Nathaniel Chapman (The Conservative Party Candidate) 
Anthony Dennis (Liberal Democrats)
Astrid Thorpe (Labour Party)