Politics By  Graham Sharpe

William Hill believe Lib Dem leader Tim Farron is safe in his job until 2021 at least, and that his Party will improve their fortunes at the next General Election.
Hills offer 1/4 (stake £4 to profit by £1) that the Lib Dems will have 9 or more seats after the next General Election, and 11/4 that they will end up with 8 or fewer.
And Mr Farron is 7/4 to stand down from his role as Leader in 2021 or later; 2/1 between 2017-19 inclusive; 5/2 in 2020, and 6/1 before the end of 2016.
'Given the disastrous decline in the Lib Dems' fortunes at the last General Election we don't think there will be much of an appetite for changing the current leader for some time, while if the Party cannot exceed its current total of MPs at the next General Election then it would seem its best days are already behind it.' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.
However, the Lib Dems could return to government in a Hung Parliament at the next General Election, and William Hill currently offer 11/8 that the next Election will indeed produce no overall majority.