WITH JEREMY CORBYN now red-hot 1/6 favourite to become Labour leader, William Hill are betting on what the 1-2 result of the vote will be and have had to cut their odds on the Corbyn first -Cooper second outcome from 6/4 to 6/5 favourite. They have also seen support for a Corbyn-Burnham outcome, now down from 9/4 to 13/8.
'Everyone wants to back Corbyn to win - and we're even seeing money for him to be the next Prime Minister, at 8/1' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.
NEXT LABOUR LEADER........1/6 Corbyn; 13/2 Cooper; 8/1 Burnham; 100/1 Kendall WHO WILL FINISH FIRST-SECOND IN CORRECT ORDER?...6/5 Corbyn-Cooper; 13/8 Corbyn- Burnham; 13/2 Cooper-Corbyn; 9/1 Burnham-Corbyn; 11/1 Corbyn- Kendall; 20/1 Burnham-Cooper; 20/1 Cooper-Burnham; 50/1 Cooper-Kendall; 66/1 Burnham-Kendall; 125/1 Kendall-Corbyn; 150/1 Kendall-Cooper; 200/1 Kendall-Burnham.
IF CORBYN WINS WILL HE LEAD LABOUR INTO NEXT GENERAL ELECTION?....2/7 NO; 5/2 YES (Bets on thismarket void if Corbyn does not win)
NEXT PRIME MINISTER....5/2 George Osborne; 10/3 Boris Johnson; 8/1 Jeremy Corbyn; 10/1 Theresa May; 12/1 Yvette Cooper; 14/1 Sajid Javid; 16/1 Andy Burnham. Others on request.