Today we are running a poll to see who in your opinion is, or is going to do more harm to the future electability of the Labour party.

Today, Tony Blair has launched into another attack on Jeremy Corbyn saying if Corbyn were to be elected leader it would mean the annihilation of the Labour Party.

But I do wonder just how much of an effect the legacy of Tony Blair has on future Labour prospects. In 1997 Tony Blair was elected with a landslide of the prospect of "Things can only get better" and yes he left with many things he could lay claim to, such as the minimum wage. But also many areas of anguish for his own party and the country such as the Iraq War.

Everyone seems to say that for Labour to win, they have to take the centre ground like Blair did. So anyone who takes his place has to deal with if you lose you should have done what Blair did. But the left of the party said we lost because they didn't go left enough.

So Blair seems to have left a template of how to win an election, much like giving a map to someone needing directions with the shortest route being across a raging river, and their biggest fear is water and they don't swim.

I believe where as Corbyn may or may not harm Labour if elected as leader (who knows?) I feel Tony Blair has done more damage as he has left the party in turmoil, fighting within itself as to what to do. Do you do it the Blair way or Left way? The Labour Party may need an exorcism to get rid of his ghost so the Party can move forward.