Council by elections 18th & 20th August

August 18th

West Mainland – Orkney – Death of Alistair Gordon (elected as No Description, defected to Orkney Manifesto Group). He was the leader and a founder of the Orkney Manifesto Group.

2012: Johnston 427, Gordon 322, Moar 287, Tierney 249, Scott 238, Muir 132, Appleby 74, Granère 73, Ward 33 (winners: Johnston, Gordon, Tierney, Moar on 7th count; final count Tierney 359, Moar 353, Scott 314 for 2 seats)
2007: Moar 545, Gordon 400, Scott 242, Crichton 203, Tom Flett 135, Ian Flett 88, Shearer 83, Conservative 68, Gilmour 12 (winners: Moar, Gordon, Scott, Crichton on 7th count; final count Scott 369, Crichton 320, T. Flett 250 for two seats) The Conservative candidate was the only partisan candidate in Orkney that year.

Barbara Foulkes (Independent) 
Fiona Grahame (Scottish Green Party)
Rachael King (Orkney Manifesto Group)

OMG 593 votes (51.4%)
Ind 446 votes (38.6%)
Grn 115 votes (10.0%)

August 20th

Camborne Pendarves – Cornwall UA – Resignation of Harry Blakeley (UKIP) due to ill health.

2013: UKIP 340, Con 319, MK 211, Lab 200

Nathan Billings (Liberal Democrat)
Peter Channon (Independent)
Val Dalley (Labour Party)
Zoe Fox (Mebyon Kernow - The Party for Cornwall)
John Herd (The Conservative Party Candidate)
Jacqueline Merrick (Green Party)
Michael Pascoe (UK Independence Party (UKIP))

Shotton & South Hetton - Durham UA - Robin Todd (Labour) died. He was vice-chairman of Durham Council and a councillor since 1963 (for South Hetton on Easington Rural District). In the past, he was deputy leader of the Easington district. The polling station in South Hetton is the Robin Todd Center, named after him in 2002, after he led the effort to raise money to build it.

2013: Lab 893/871, Ind 686, FAIR and Independent 493

FAIR & Independent stands for “Free Association for Independent Representation” & Independent. It was a local group standing for election in Peterlee and Ferryhill (which aren’t in the same area of Durham at all!). They deregistered in November 2013 and their town councillors are now members of the North East Party.

Michael Anderson (Liberal Democrat)
Beaty Bainbridge (The Conservative Party Candidate)
Ted Hall (The North East Party)
Lee-James Harris (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Alan Liversidge (Labour Party)
Martie Warin (Green Party)

Witney North - West Oxfordshire - David Snow (Independent, elected as Conservative) resigned due to being assigned to committees meeting in the afternoon, which he couldn’t attend, due to work. He had left the party over gay marriage, saying than the Conservative Party is becoming Godless and contributing to the country moral decline..
2012-2016 term

2015: Con 1120, Lab 419, Grn 323, UKIP 259, LD 136
2012: Con 450, Grn 286, Lab 179, LD 120
2011: Con 798, Grn 261, Lab 214, LD 210
2008: Con 594, Grn 314, LD 189
2007: Con 588, Grn 368, LD 189
2004: Con 569, Grn 324, LD 239, Lab 128
2003: LD 439, Con 405, Grn 208
2002: Con 491/484, LD 387, Grn 324, Lab 234

Brigitte Hickman (Green Party)
Trevor License (Labour Party)
Carol Reynolds (The Conservative Party Candidate) 
James Robertshaw (UK Independence Party)
Diane West (Liberal Democrats)