Council by elections 8th August

Collated By Maxque

Anderson / City – Glasgow – Resignation of Martin Docherty (SNP), the new MP for West Dunbartonshire.

2012: Lab 1561/1113, SNP 1057/516, Grn 558, Con 249, Solidarity 89, LD 89, Pirate 46, Glasgow 1st 20, Britannica 17 (winners: Lab, Lab, SNP, Grn on 10th count; final count Grn 891, SNP 683)
2007: SNP 1632, Lab 1291/1177, Grn 880, LD 806, Con 486, Solidarity 285, SSP 198, Ind 145 (winners: SNP, Lab, Lab, Grn on 6th count; final count Lab 1291, Grn 1247, LD 1050 with a 40 votes Lab surplus)

Eva Bolander (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Stevie Creighton (Scottish Libertarian Party)
Katie Ford (Scottish Labour Party)
Ary Jaff (Scottish Conservative and Unionist)
Janice MacKay (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Gary McLelland (Scottish Liberal Democrats)
Christy Mearns (Scottish Green Party)

Calton – Glasgow – Resignation of Alison Thewliss (SNP), the new MP for Glasgow Central.

2012: Lab 1595/892, SNP 695/672, Grn 135, Glasgow 1st 131, Con 120, Unionist 109, Ind 71/41, SSP 43, LD 43, Britannica 9 (winners: Lab, Lab, SNP on 12th count; final count was an SNP duel)
2007: Lab 1982/628, SNP 1143, Solidarity 302, Con 245, LD 231, Grn 219, Unionist 195, Ind 128, SSP 126 (winners: Lab, SNP, Lab on 7th count; final count Lab 1189, Sol 446, Con 409 with a 60 votes SNP surplus)

Malachy Clarke (Scottish Green Party)
Greg Hepburn (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Thomas Kerr (Scottish Conservative and Unionist)
Karen King (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Tommy Ramsay
Thomas Rannachan (Scottish Labour Party)
Chris Young (Scottish Liberal Democrats)

Craigton – Glasgow – Resignation of Iris Gibson (SNP), due to ill health. She had been one of the few non-Labour councillors elected in Glasgow in the years before STV (she was first elected for Mosspark in 1999). Her son Kenneth (who held the Mosspark seat before her) is the MSP for Cunninghame North since 2007 (and list MSP for Glasgow 1999-2003) and is the convenor of the Finance Committee.

2012: Lab 2279/2102, SNP 1876/700, Sol 472, Con 292, Grn 169, Glasgow 1st 147, UKIP 86, LD 76 (winners: Lab, Lab, SNP, SNP on 9th count; final count SNP 1193, Sol 772)
2007: SNP 2729, Lab 2065/1920/1328, Sol 1220, Con 569, LD 457, Grn 315, Unionist 225, SSP 224 (winners: SNP, Lab, Lab, Sol on 8th count; final count Lab 2177, Sol 1641, Lab 1493 (for 2 seats))

Phillip Charles (Scottish Conservative and Unionist)
Isabel Nelson (Scottish Liberal Democrats)
Katie Noble (Scottish Green Party)
Kevin O’Donnell (Scottish Labour Party)
Arthur Thackeray (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Alex Wilson (Scottish National Party (SNP))

Langside – Glasgow – Resignation of Liam Hainey (Green), due to health and family circumstrances.

2012: Lab 2441, SNP 1930/652, Grn 618, LD 498, Con 493, TUSC 162, Glasgow First 10 (winners: Lab, SNP, Grn on 7th count; final count Grn 1288, SNP 1114)
2007: SNP 2522, Lab 2222/853, LD 1207, Con 993, Grn 891, Solidarity 467, SSP 179 (winners: SNP, Lab, LD on 7th count; final count LD 1961, Grn 1463)

Eileen Dinning (Scottish Labour Party)
Ian Leech (Scottish Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
Will Millinship (Scottish Liberal Democrats)
Cailean Mongan (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Robert Pollock (Scottish Green Party)
Anna Richardson (Scottish National Party (SNP)) 
Kyle Thornton (Scottish Conservative and Unionist)

Hamilton South – South Lanarkshire – Resignation of Angela Crawley (SNP), the new MP for Lanark & Hamilton East.

Oct 2013 by: Lab 1781, SNP 1120, Con 322, Christian 133, UKIP 86 (Lab winning in 1st count)
2012: Lab 1975/800, SNP 1255/502, Con 496, All-Scotland Pensioners Party 199, Christian 165 (winners: Lab, SNP, Lab, SNP on 6th count; final count SNP 861, Con 653)
2007: Lab 2626/1005, SNP 1791, Con 808, Ind 464/215, LD 427, Grn 188 (winners: Lab, SNP, Lab, Con on 7th count; final count Con 1121, Ind 876)

Matthew Cockburn (Scottish Liberal Democrats)
John Kane (Scottish Green Party)
Jim Lee (Scottish Labour Party)
Donald MacKay (UKIP)
Andrew McCallum (The Pirate Party)
Lynne Nailon (Scottish Conservative and Unionist)
John Ross (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Craig Smith (Scottish Christian Party “Proclaiming Christ’s Lordship”)