A list of upcoming council by elections and vacant seats

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There are now 5 by-elections remaining in August. So far there are 15 during September including a "double" election together with another 7 in October, all in Scotland. In addition there are a further 11 known or impending vacancies, all but 1 in England. Currently 22 of the total 83 contests and vacancies occuring since the general election are as a result of the resignations of the sitting councillors as they are now MPs.

18th August - 1
Orkney UA, West Mainland - No Description sitting as Orkney Manifesto died - 3 candidates: Green, Ind, Orkney Manifesto

20th August - 3
Cornwall UA, Camborne Pendarves - UKIP resigned - 7 candidates: Con, Lab, LD, UKIP, Green, Mebyon Kernow, Ind
Durham UA, Shotton & South Hetton - Labour died - 6 candidates: Con, Lab, LD, UKIP, Green, North East
West Oxfordshire DC, Witney North - Conservative sitting as Independent resigned - 5 candidates: Con, Lab, LD, UKIP, Green

27th August - 1
Barnsley MB, Dearne North - Labour died - 5 candidates: Con, Lab, UKIP, TUSAC, Yorkshire 1st

3rd September - 1
Caerphilly UA, Bedwas, Trethomas & Machen - Labour died - 6 candidates: Con, Lab, Plaid Cymru, UKIP, 2 x Ind

10th September - 6 for 7 seats
Edinburgh UA, Leith Walk - SNP resigned (now MP for Edinburgh North & Leith) and Green resigned 
- 10 candidates: Con, Lab, LD, SNP, UKIP, Green, Left Unity,  Libertarian, Socialist, Independent 
Maidstone BC, Fant - Conservative died
Midlothian UA, Midlothian West - SNP resigned (now MP for Midlothian) - 6 candidates: Con, Lab, LD, SNP, Green, No Description
Sandwell MB, Blackheath - Labour died - 4 candidates: Con, Lab, UKIP, Green
Thurrock UA, West Thurrock & South Stifford - Labour resigned - 3 candidates: Con, Lab, UKIP
Tunbridge Wells BC, Southborough North - Consevative died - 3 candidates: Con, LD, UKIP

17th September - 5
Haringey LB, Noel Park - Labour resigned
Haringey LB, Woodside - Labour died
Richmondshire DC, Richmond East - Conservative resigned
South Ayrshire UA, Ayr East - SNP resigned (now MP for Ayr Carrick & Cumnock)
South Cambridgeshire DC, Bourn - Conservative resigned

24th September -3
Norfolk CC, Lodden - Conservative died
South Norfolk DC, Chedgrave & Thurton - Conservative died
Wyre Forest DC, Blakebtook & South Habberley - Conservative resigned

1st October - 6
Aberdeen UA, George Street / Harbour - SNP resigned
Aberdeen UA, Midstocket / Rosemount - Conservative sitting as Non Aligned resigned
East Ayrshire UA, Irvine Valley - SNP resigned (now MP for Kilmarnock & Loudoun)
Fife UA, Glenrothes West & Kinglassie - SNP resigned (now MP for Glenrothes)
Moray UA, Heldon & Laich - Independent resigned
Stirling UA, Stirling East - SNP resigned (now MP for Stirling)

8th October - 1
Highland UA, Aird & Loch Ness - SNP resigned (now MP for Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch & Strathspey

Known vacancies in England - 10
Cambridgeshire CC, Charteris - UKIP died 13th August
Cherwell DC, Banbury Grimsbury & Castle - Conservative died 3rd August
Cheshire East UA, Congleton East - Conservative died 31st July
Derbyshire CC, Derwent Valley - Conservative died 5th May
Peterborough UA, West - Conservative resigned around 10th April
South Oxfordshire DC, Sandford & The Wittenhams - Conservative resigned 28th July
South Staffordhire DC, Essington - Independent impending resignation
Westminster LB, Bryanston & Dorset Square - Conservative died around 12th July
Woking BC, Goldsworth East - Liberal Democrat to resign on 18th August
Woking BC, Goldsworth West - Liberal Democrat to resign on 18th August

Known vacancies in Scotland - 1
Western Isles UA, West Side & Ness - Independent died 31st July

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