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Currently in the UK to seek nomination for a by election or general election which is held in the UK there is no mention of that the person has to be resident of or born in the constituency they wish to represent.
I believe if you are going to represent the constituency you are standing in the election for, you should have at least some strong link to the constituency. either through residency in the said constituency for at least 5 years or by being born in the constituency.
The reason for my petition is on 2 points, the parachuting in at times of candidates into constituencies where it is known they are likely to vote in a candidate for a particular party, so seen as a safe seat and easy entry to parliament. Which may become more prevalent with boundary changes and MPs losing what was once a safe seat so choosing to contest another seat nearby as that may be projected to be easier to win.
Then we have the spectacle of by elections/elections where candidates come from all around to simply advertise or promote their message or propaganda knowing it will get more coverage due to the nature of by elections or that it is a notable election like that of the Prime Minister. 
The measure should in itself cost nothing to implement, and if anything save money from having 14 candidates for one location. It will also hopefully in some small way, try to ensure that the member of parliament for said constituency at least has a slightly better chance of being for that community we would hope.
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My petition:
To be born in or resident of the constituency you seek election.
If a person wishes to become a MP in the UK parliament, that one of the requirements is that the person was either born in the constituency they seek election or they are a permanent resident of the constituency for at least one parliamentary cycle.
On the basis of movement of people for what ever reason, that is why there is a provision that where as a person may not be born in the constituency or the UK for that matter they have at least lived in the area for 5 years. This is done to prevent parachuting of candidates to safe seats or for people using by elections or notable elections as free advertising for their own cause and not truly wishing to represent the constituency.