Why I will be voting Leave in the EU Referendum.

I think a common theme I have noticed in certain quarters is that a person will be voting leave or remain not because of the arguments and facts given by the side they support but in most cases despite those chosen sides hustings in the run up to this referendum have given.

In many ways my own mind has been made up not by the compelling case to leave, I have no fantasy propaganda that life is going to improve, that money we give to Europe will re build the NHS/schools and free tea and scones for everyone. I actually do believe it will probably be a little grim at first.

Markets will probably go down, but over time once the initial shock has hit the system they will rebound, as they are not really bothered who is in charge as long as they can turn a profit. Maybe there will be a little tit for tat with ourselves and Europe as those who backed Remain wish to point out that this job has been lost or this place has closed down all because we left the EU. Yet BHS is closing down, TATA steel is all but gone, things close and get replaced it is life.

The reason why I am voting is leave is for what Remain I feel isn't telling us. In 1975 we were asked this question

Do you think that the United Kingdom should stay in the European Community (the Common Market)?
permitting a simple YES / NO answer.
A simple enough question, 
But since 1975 the EEC has grown from 9 to 28 members and become a very different beast. Treaties such as Maastricht and Lisbon have radically altered our relationship with the now European Union. We have seen the birth of the Single Market and the Single Currency. Institutions like the European Parliament and the European Court of Justice.
If those in 1975 had been asked to join to such an organisation would they have still voted yes?
Which leads to why I want to vote Leave, if anything there should have been 3 answers to this referendum.
1) Leave the EU
2) Remain exactly the same don't leave the union, but no new treaties or laws to be passed without consulting the UK public.
3) Whole heartily join Europe and join the euro at an earliest possibility.
I feel as though the Remain camp are selling us option 2 when option 3 is what will probably happen. Things can't Remain the same, They are selling you a story that the UK can fight every corner and get exactly what you want. They won't lose powers nothing will change. Do you think Europe would want such a petulant relationship? It will more than likely be like 1975, do you wish to remain the same, Do you want to stay in the common market. then 40 years down the line. What will be the future? European Army? European common economic policy? UK join the euro as it makes it easy for Europe to do business with the UK and the UK to do business with Europe? Who knows, but they haven't said.
Leave is not a holding hands with Farage, because when the vote is over he will actually be an MEP for a seat which no longer exists. As the UK will have left Europe, so if you wish to sack Farage vote Leave.
It will be you saying I believe I can stand on my own 2 feet, with friends all around the world not just Europe. But when I want to kick off my shoes and do things as I wish I have the opportunity to do so.
This is not a leap into the dark alone this is with us all holding hands. and I respect that those of the Remain camp have their views, and I can and to the same measure can not understand why it has got so heated and vitriolic. But do they honestly believe it will REMAIN the same? "Leave it out!" (Pardon the pun.)

On Thursday you have something which has taken them 41 years to give us a vote on a choice which has changed a lot since the question has last been asked and was never dreamt of being as it is today. Will you be alive to vote on it again?