Notional result for Batley & Spen using 2016 council results.

After the May 2016 main council elections I did a series of notional results for constituencies using the votes cast in the council elections. You will see them for several constituencies below

Link to >>> Notional results for parliamentary seats using 2016 council votes

I have now done one for Batley & Spen GE 2015 (2016)

Labour 43.2% (42%)
Conservatives 31.2% (23.7%)
UKIP 18% (15.6%)
LibDems 4.7% (13.1%)
Greens 2.4% (3.4%)

With no disrespect to Jo Cox and from what we understand that no opposing main stream parties are to contest the by election. But I did wonder what the notional result would look like. So for that purpose only here is the notional result.using the 2016 council election votes.


Batley East5943,4872481565124,997
Batley West6482,8331566981984,533
Birstall & Birkenshaw1,9879392328511904,199


Liversedge & Gomersal1,8031,2432001,1511484,545

TOTALS, 20166,41011,3543,5474,243948512

% 201623.7%42%13.1%15.6%3.4%2.2%


Have used @AndyJSajs google doc