Should it be local MPs for local people?

Your thoughts are always welcome so feel free to comment below.

I saw that #localandproud was trending as hashtag on Twitter and it got me to thinking should the rules be changed that people putting themselves forward as candidates to become members of parliament should be born in the constituency or at least resident in said constituency for 10 years.

It seemed a reasonable enough a thought. You are there to represent an area. Who best than someone born and bred there? Would it stop the journey man/women who go from constituency to constituency to put themselves forward. Thinking that I have a good grasp on life and would be a good politician and adopting the area so they can forward a career. Surely the improvement of where you come from is more of an importance. It may even end the parachuting process used as jobs for the boys and girls.

Anyway as I say feel free to vote and share your views and comments.