General Election percentages and May council elections the year after.

Is 35% a reasonable figure?

There have been suggestions in the media that Jeremy Corbyn needs to get 35% of the vote share in this coming Mays Council Elections to save his job. Here are the figures to put that thought from the media in perspective.

yearLabour ConservativesLibDemsUKIP
1997 GE43.2%30.7%16.8%0.3%
1998 May Council38%32%25%
2001 GE40.7%31.7%18.3%1.5%
2002 May Council33%34%27%
2005 GE35.2%32.4%22%2.2%
2006 May Council26%39%25%
2010 GE29%36.4%23%3.1%
2011 May Council37%35%15%
2015 GE30.4%36.9%7.9%12.6%
2016 May Council????????????

Share of the vote since 1997 and the May council elections held the following year.