(POLL RESULT) People would be interested in moving election day to the weekend

It was however by the slimmest of margins and with a small sample.

I would like to thank a regular commentator to the blog Peter for giving us the idea for the poll by saying  Talking of election dates, I think we should consider as Labour Party did consider 10 years ago, weekend voting to boost turnout. " 

So that set in motion the above poll. feel free folks if you have a election based question then leave a comment and it to could be turned into our poll of the day question.

As for moving the General Election day from a Thursday to the weekend. It is long over due I would say. Why close schools for a day? Move it to the weekend spread it over 2 days count on the Sunday night. If fraud could be prevented why not include more technology into the election? You almost think it should be possible to have a voting app. But of course if a 15 year old can allegedly hack Talk Talk just imagine how much an election could be defrauded.

But thanks to Peter for the idea, any more election based questions feel free to comment.