Council by elections for the 5th November

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Candidates chosen so far for the Oldham West & Royton By election.

Clifton-with-Maidenway - Torbay UA - Ruth Pentney (Liberal Democrat) died. She was also the organiser of the Torbay Liberal Democrats and was nicknamed the “Yellow Iron Lady”.

2015: LD 1162/1154, Con 1108/740, UKIP 766, Lab 480, Grn 370/232
2011: LD 859/799, Con 740/621, Lab 421/419, Grn 280
2007: LD 942/887, Con 704/653, UKIP 305/265, BNP 113
2003: LD 1281/1255, Con 566/511

Richard Barnby (Conservative Party)
Eddie Harris (Labour Party)
Stephen Pocock (Green Party)
Anthony Rayner (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Adrian Sanders (Liberal Democrats)

Huntly, Strathbogie and Howe of Alford - Aberdeenshire - Joanna Strathdee (SNP) died and Alastair Ross (Liberal Democrat) resigned due to health issues. Strathdee was a councillor since 1999 and the SNP group leader since 2007. She also ran (and lost) in two general elections (2005 in Gordon and 2010 in Aberdeen North). Ross was a councillor since 2007.

2012: SNP 830/600, Con 1091, LD 752, Ind 593, Grn 256 (elected: Con, SNP, LD, Ind on 5th count; final count: Ind 760, SNP 683)
2008: SNP 1839, LD 978/812, Con 1635, Lab 375, Grn 251, Ind 91 (elected: SNP, Con, LD, LD on 3rd count; final count: LD 1170, LD 1012, Lab 456, Grn 421 for 2 seats)

Sarah Flavell (Scottish Labour Party)
Daniel Millican (Scottish Liberal Democrats)
Gwyneth Petrie (Scottish National Party (SNP))
Derek Scott (Scottish Libertarian Party)
Margo Stewart (Scottish Conservative and Unionist)

In Torbay, Adrian Sanders is obviously the former MP which lost his seat in May.

Huntly etc counts on Friday.

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