Breakdown of the Yougov EUref poll for the University of Cardiff  <<< Follow the link if you would like to join the YOUGOV panel and have your opinions heard

I would like to thank mojojo48 from reddit for the extra breakdown

Discounting don't knows, that gives:
  • England: Remain 48%, Leave 52%
  • Scotland: Remain 65%, Leave 35%
  • Wales: Remain 53%, Leave 47%
Or by population:
  • England: 53.010m, 25.449m Remain, 27.561m Leave
  • Scotland: 5.295m, 3.442m Remain, 1.853m Leave
  • Wales 3.064m, 1.624m Remain, 1.440m Leave

Which comes to 30.515m Remain and 30.854m Leave.

 had mentioned the above was done on a whole population basis.

So I have revised to electorate with a 80% turnout as #EUref should be as popular as the Scottish Indyref

England 38,806,649 (31,045,320 voting) 14,901,753 Remain 16,143,567 Leave
Scotland 4,094,784 (3,275,827 voting) 2,129,287 Remain 1,146,539 Leave
Wales 2,282,297 (1,825,837 voting) 967,693 Remain 858,143 Leave

Total 17,999,433 Remain 18,148,249 Leave

Simply scroll down for the breakdown, data tables at the bottom.

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