WITH SIMON DANCZUK apparently preparing to put himself forward as a 'stalking horse' candidate to replace Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader next year, William Hill make 2016 their 13/8 favourite to be the year in which Corbyn ceases to be leader, and have installed Danczuk as a 50/1 chance to succeeed him in the job.
'With discontent bubbling under in the Labour Party despite Mr Corbyn's emphatic victory it is very difficult to predict how long he will remain in charge - and the forthcoming by-election in Oldham West & Royton could also act as a kind of opinion poll on his leadership thus far.' said Hill's spokesman, Graham Sharpe.
OLDHAM WEST & ROYTON BY-ELECTION...1/8 Labour; 9/2 UKIP; 40/1 Cons; 150/1 Greens; 150/1 Lib Dems
WHEN WILL CORBYN CEASE TO BE LAB LEADER?....13/8 2016; 9/2 2015; 9/2 2020; 11/2 2017;11/2 2021+; 10/1 2018; 11/1 2019;
NEXT ELECTED LABOUR LEADER: 3/1 Jarvis; 7/1 D Miliband; 8/1 Watson; 9/1 Nandy; 9/1 Umunna; 16/1 Starmer; 18/1 Kinnock;18/1 Reeves; 20/1 Burnham/Cooper/ Eagle/Hunt/McDonnell. Others on request.