A majority of people DON'T agree with fixed term parliaments.

Now someone did say yesterday that I was going to enjoy the new Twitter polling feature. They were quite correct in their statement, now it could do with being able to give more than two options. But I am sure it will evolve over time.

Todays question was asking people whether or not they agreed with fixed term parliaments?

Currently it stands at 58% NO 42% YES
As a person who enjoys elections I do feel that we have somehow lost, and excitement isn't the right word, maybe intrigue would be better. That the end of a parliament brought. Would the incumbent party go with opinion polls? Would they spring an early election? The social media we have now would have been awash with rumour and claim of knowledge of when the General Election would be hold.

Now it is much more of a sterile affair, If the last parliament is anything to go by it also inflicts on the general public a near year long election campaign. Now with the Conservatives having such a small majority compared to the LD/CON pact of the last government.could this bring in the last few years a crippling paralysis of a government, the majority being whittled away by by-election defeats Conservative to Labour. So constant thoughts of votes of No Confidence, getting ministers to rush back from dinner be wheeled in from hospital. Yes it could be exciting as a spectacle to watch but is it good for the country?

A fixed term parliament can be ended by

Section 2 of the Act also provides for two ways in which a general election can be held before the end of this five-year period:
In either of these two cases, the monarch (on the recommendation of the prime minister) appoints the date of the new election by proclamation. Parliament is then dissolved 25 working days before that date.

source >>> WIKI

But what of the voters? We seemed to have fixed one problem of the power of setting the General Election date to best place the incumbent to a lack lustre final year, like the close down of a factory for Christmas as everyone is in holiday mode. Or is this the best solution. Maybe we should just get used to it. More people these days do work on fixed term contracts and when they are up for renewal it keeps them on their toes.

I wonder what your thoughts are?