Morley & Outwood Council Vs Parliamentary voting pattern 2015

Morley & Outwood the former seat of Ed Balls held Council & Parliamentary elections at the same time. This is to show you how they compared.

Parliamentary result
Conservative 18,766
Labour (Ed Balls) 18,354
UKIP 7,951
LibDems 1,426
Greens 1,264
Yorkshire First 479

Result adding the council figures together

Labour 16,294
Conservatives 13,033
UKIP 8,709
Morley Independents 6,794
Lib Dems 1,710
Greens 1,123 (3/5)
TUSC 314 (3/5)

Morley & Outwood is made up of three districts under the Leeds Council and two under Wakefield

Results below

Leeds Council

This electoral area : Ardsley and Robin Hood
Electorate : 17476
AtkinTimothy Adam3582The Conservative Party Candidate
Bishop-RoweVictoria373Liberal Democrats
DanielDavid2238UK Independence Party (UKIP)
DunnJack4301ELECTEDLabour Party
OmidiranJude399Green Party

This electoral area : Morley North
Electorate : 17743

AndrewsPeter Richard263Liberal Democrats
CussonsKaren78Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition
FenneyDeborah354Green Party
GettingsBob4271ELECTEDMorley Borough Independents
SewardsMark James2505Labour Party
SteadSamuel1487UK Independence Party (UKIP)
TempestSophie Ann2496The Conservative Party Candidate

This electoral area : Morley South
Electorate : 16706

CussonsNeil107Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition
DawsonNeil3071ELECTEDLabour and Co-operative Party
DoveLindon1708UK Independence Party (UKIP)
HawkerClaire370Green Party
KidgerWyn2523Morley Borough Independents
MacArthurJohn Durno203Liberal Democrats
TempestKathleen Ann2096The Conservative Party Candidate

Wakefield Council

Labour hold
Stanley and Outwood East
BYROM, DaveTrade Unionist and Socialist Coalition1291.6
DODD, MargaretLiberal Democrats4275.4
HUDSON, Clive (Elected)Labour Party335142.3
JOHNSTON, James LeeUK Independence Party (UKIP)165120.9
MALYK, Rachel AnneThe Conservative Party Candidate235829.8
Spoiled Votes26
% turnout62.7
Total Votes7,916

Labour gain
Wrenthorpe and Outwood West
ARTHUR, DavidLiberal Democrats4445.8
KEITH, Charlie (Elected)Labour Party306639.7
MOORHOUSE, BrianUK Independence Party (UKIP)170622.1
RYAN, Dean AntonyThe Conservative Party Candidate250132.4
Spoiled Votes30
% turnout64.4
Total Votes7,717