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Our latest voting intention figures for yesterday's Sun are CON 41%, LAB 30%, LDEM 7%, UKIP 13%, GRN 4%. For this poll the sample was weighted to be representative of how people voted at the 2015 general election.
  • People think improving the NHS (41%) and reducing the level of immigration (40%) should be the main priorities for the government over the next five years, followed by keeping the economy growing (30%) and resolving the issue of Britain's membership of the EU (26%).
Labour Leadership
  • Andy Burnham is seen as the best potential leader of the Labour party on 18%, followed by 9% for Yvette Cooper.
  • 62% of people however, say don't know, perhaps reflecting the fact that most of the candidates are not familiar faces to many voters, and that the figures at this point are largely name recognition.
  • Amongst Labour's own voters Andy Burnham also leads, on 29% to Yvette Cooper's 15%. 49% of Labour voters say don't know.
  • 46% of Labour voters think the party should mainly try to win votes from people who voted for other parties, 33% think they should try to appeal to traditional Labour voters who didn't turn out.
  • 27% of Labour voters think the party should do more to apologise for the failings of the last Labour government, 41% think they should do more to defend the record of the last Labour government.
  • Labour voters are evenly divided over Tony Blair's legacy - 33% think the next leader should try to lead a party with similar policies to Blair, 32% think the party should distance itself from Blair and his policies.
  • There is a broad consensus amongst the British public that FIFA, the decisions on Russia and Qatar and Sepp Blatter himself are all corrupt (83% think FIFA corrupt, 78% the hosting decisions, 57% Blatter personally).
  • A majority of people think the corruption is widespread throughout FIFA, and 46% now think the problem is so deep seated that FIFA is beyond reform and should be disbanded and replaced. This is an increase from a year ago, when people tended to think FIFA was corrupt but could be mended).
  • Looking forward people think the Russian World Cup should be cancelled and held elsewhere by 50% to 19%, and think the Qatar World Cup should by cancelled by 67% to 7%. 78% think that Blatter should stand down. There is, however, very little expectation that any of these things will happen – 73% think the Russian World Cup will go ahead, 53% that the Qatar World Cup will go ahead and 51% that Blatter will remain in office.
  • 54% of people think that the England football team should boycott the World Cup if FIFA is not reformed, 18% of people disagree.