Council elections held on the 11th June

Collated by maxque

Wallington South - Sutton LB - Colin Hall (Liberal Democrat), deputy leader of the Sutton Council, died.

2014: LD 1593/1558/1221, Con 825/649/571, UKIP 694, Keep Our St Hellier Hospital Party 377, Lab 374/358/283, Grn 301/274, ED 110
2010: LD 2674/2633/2439, Con 1891/1839/1684, Lab 559/542/455, Grn 544
2006: LD 1575/1550/1490, Con 1305/1247/1224, Grn 339/210, Lab 221/215/189
2002: LD 1465/1427/1411, Con 1074/1065/1004, Lab 232/211/183, Grn 207/185, OMRLP 89

Andy Beadle (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Steve Cook (Liberal Democrats)
Sarah Gwynn (Labour Party)
Duncan Mattey (Independent)
Rosa Rajendran (Green Party)
Jim Simms (The Conservative Party Candidate)

Tower Hamlets LB - Stepney Green - Alibor Choudhury (Tower Hamlets First) was disqualified. He was the electoral agent of Lutfur Rahman and was disqualified at the same than him, for the same reason (campaign was corrupt).

2014: THF 2023/1965, Lab 1568/954, Grn 411, UKIP 387, Con 209/166, LD 151

Sabina Akhtar (Labour Party)
Safiul Azam (The Conservative Party Candidate)
Kirsty Chestnutt (Green Party)
Abu Talha Chowdhury (Independent)
Will Dyer (Liberal Democrats)
Jessie Macneil-Brown (Something New)
Paul Shea (UK Independence Party (UKIP))

The mayoral Tower Hamlets by-election is on that day, too.

A list of council elections due & vacant seats.