Countermanded/By-Elections - 4th June

Collated by maxque

Wisbech South - Cambridgeshire - Peter Lagoda (UKIP -> Independent) resigned, saying he had had enough. Mr Lagoda left the party after they suspended him and “badly let (him) down” after being charged with benefits fraud (£25,000, he pleaded guilty) and for using racist language during a visit at Wisbech Fire Station.

2013: UKIP 774, Con 636, Lab 333, LD 281
2009: Con 930, UKIP 532, Lab 212, LD 191, Libertarian 140
2005: Con 1941, LD 1084, UKIP 592

Susan Carson (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Samantha Hoy (Conservative Party Candidate)
Josephine Ratcliffe (Liberal Democrats)
Dean Reeves (Labour Party)

Rothwell - Kettering BC - Countermanded election due to the death of UKIP candidate Alan Pote. Mr Pote was a Conservative councillor for that ward until losing as an Independent in 2011.

2011: Con 1103/1079/1052, Lab 1077/847/778, Ind 616, LD 230
2007: Con 1293/1257/1173, Lab 1010/950/886

Kathleen Harris (Labour Party)
Alan Heath (Green Party)
Sally Hogston (UK Independence Party (UKIP))
Ian Jelley (Conservative Party Candidate)
Malcolm Jones (Labour Party)
Stevie Jones (Green Party)
Alan Mills (Labour Party)
Rob Reeves (Green Party)
Karl Sumpter (Conservative Party Candidate)
Margaret Talbot (Conservative Party Candidate)

A list of upcoming council by elections / deferred elections and vacant seats