Survation, on behalf of The Jewish Chronicle,

Have conducted a new poll which found that an overwhelming majority of British Jews would like a ban on peaceful antisemitic demonstrations in Jewish areas.

The poll, conducted using our panel of the GB Jewish population, also found that where antisemitic rallies do take place, counter-demonstrations would be backed by a majority of the Jewish community. The Jewish Chronicle's take on the findings can be read here.

Key findings:

  • Nearly three quarters (72%) of British Jews believe that antisemitic groups should not be permitted to stage peaceful demonstrations in Jewish areas.
  • A firm majority (62%) of the Jewish community believe that Jewish people should hold counter-demonstrations to antisemitic rallies.
  • Asked whether Islamist Extremists or Neo-Nazis were feared the most by British Jews, three in five people (61%) said that they were most concerned by Islamist Extremists with only 16% saying that they were most concerned by Neo-Nazis. 
  • Nearly two-thirds (64%) of the Jewish community believe that Holocaust denial should be a criminal offence in the UK.
Survation interviewed 1,023 Jewish adults aged 18+ between 17th-23rd June 2015. The survey was generally conducted via telephone, but additional respondents were invited to take part via email invitation.

Full tables are available here.