Should there be a football deadline day tax?

As folks struggle to earn money on zero hour contracts, have to go to food banks and live homeless on the streets we revel in a day where already 1 billion pounds has been transferred between football clubs, more than likely it will be used as another reason to avoid the full amount of tax, as they have billions of pounds coming in from TV deals, it is almost a case of we must spend money rather than it be taxed.

I know some folks believe any type of taxation is bad and that it is great and market forces have created the prices we see. But as explained above moving money between these clubs in this way, paying players and their agents fast amounts of money, and this is far beyond thousands we now talk millions is beyond morals. It should no longer be a case of what is legally right or wrong it should be what is morally right or wrong.

Fair enough football does do its bit, and it does feel like lip service for grass roots football and community support schemes. footballers turn up to present a shirt in a hospital but always with a camera crew in tow, so it builds up their brand.

So I suggest why not have a deadline day tax. you could have it at 0.5% call it the Apple rate of taxation.

Now the next thing would be to suggest where it went, why not direct to local food banks / homeless shelters / schools Not direct to government.

Obviously the next thing we need to overhaul is the charity sector where folks get paid thousands just to collect money in but, but as a start would football clubs really miss 0.5% and there is no need to get the fans to pay more treat it as VAT, and if the clubs still cry about it, then why not pay 0.5% less for that over priced player you want anyway?